the wrestling match in my heart

When alcoholics realize they have a problem and get sober they probably have to steer clear of alcohol or anything that might lead to alcohol for a long time….. when someone realizes they have a problem with self-righteousness… do they steer clear of the church, of quiet times, of christians and their culture? I think […]

via (this painting grabbed me and I love what the artist has to say about it click on it and take a look)

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being tethered

I saw the cutest little boy today named Asher around the same age our son Asher would be now. I love that while these crazy babies of mine keep me tethered to the reality of the everyday, the hurting, the needy, the hungry, the searching, the dying, the crazy ones and where I find myself […]

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oh so good : February

My sweet friend Emma (she’s 13 and awesome!!!) has a ministry in Houston making baby blankets for babies who get abandoned in the hospital or have nobody there for them to bring new things to. I got to help her make some when I went to fisit them last year and She cranks these out… […]

week 6 2015 dallas littles club PRINT-001

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Things I learned in January

1.  Sometimes you don’t know something needs tweaking until you try tweaking it. I thought I had the perfect popcorn system…. I knew the right temp and I never burned the popcorn. Until the other day I bumped up the heat by one number and found that it popped quicker and left almost no leftover […]

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Sincerely Session: Grayson Turns One

hackaday family BLOG-030

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He is in the brokenness

These faces and their stories represent so much brokenness and hurt and loss. And if dan and I were to lie down with them it would add even more sin and pain and grief. Please don’t think that we have this beautiful family because we live a good life or are deserving or because we […]

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oh so good : January

THIS music video of a smash-up of Taylor Swift’s Blank Space + Style   Might be one of the best blog posts I’ve read so far this year.  SO full of HOPE and Great wisdom on doing the things we don’t feel like doing! (which in my life is a good bit of what I […]

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Sincerely Session: The Janson Family

Janson Family 2014 BLOG-006

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Dreaming Big for 2015 {part 3 – Saying Yes and No + Word of the Year }

I’ve heard from so many of you how you are thinking through and brainstorming and looking back and dreaming about what is to come. I’m so glad!  Honestly, it holds me more accountable to the things I write on here. Blogging is a tricky thing… you want to write for yourself but then it’s still […]


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Dreaming Big for 2015 {part 2 – last years challenges + what fires me up}

I’m following along with Lara Casey’s blog series on Goal setting for 2015. Go check it out. This is the 3rd year I’ve done it but the first I’ve done it on my blog. But I love having the notebooks from years past to look and reflect on. I think some of the most helpful things […]

make the time to feel alive

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Dreaming Big for 2015 {part 1 – what worked last year}

I’ve done this on paper the past 3 years and it’s been life changing. So this year I’m going to make it public because I think it’s helpful for me to process it in a blog format as well as provide insight into how I goal set with such a big family of littles. (and […]


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52 weeks of Dallas Littles Club

Ya’ll might be thinking… but you don’t live in Dallas. You’re right we live in the FW part of DFW. But Heather Hawkins who is the sweet creator of this blog IS in Dallas… so she just gathered a few of her favorite North Texas photographers and gave us a place to capture our families […]

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