I want to say sorry for taking this long to get this drawing done and uploaded but I’m so deliriously happy soaking up these days of new baby grace. Oh, that we would everyday give ourselves and others the grace and understanding that seems to flow lavishly when a new baby is around. I think that would change our worlds!!

So without further ado……

Also I have THREE Noonday Adoption Bracelets to giveaway that were donated by my friends Annette Hickman and Debbie Lanford! Noonday is an awesome company that supports orphans and adoption!


Those Names are Lindsay Hostetter and Caroline Paul and Brett Seay!!! I’ll get those sent out to you asap.

And the Winner of the Fort Worth Stir Crazy Bakery Drawing is Sarah Tarleton!!

Stir Crazy Baked Goods_2

THANK YOU each and every single one of your for your love and support and prayers for us! You make much of a wonderful God and may His work through you bless thousands of people in the process!

Please know you are welcome in our home and we would love for you to come meet Isla if you are local and if you’re not we hope if you’re ever in the DFW area you’ll let us know!!

Isla Olivia Rose Collage

And new baby in the house or not I hope you take these words to heart and apply them daily!!


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I was in Las Vegas when these two had their birthdays two weeks ago. I hated to miss it but Dan’s parents did an epic job of celebrating them! They went to the lake…twice! And had cookie cake (a chappell tradition that my kids love).

Jack is 6! Something about him turning 6 still amazes me. He is growing up, he’s getting past the full throttle dare devil defy both authority and gravity stage. He’s thinking more, taking on responsibility, and glimpses of the man he will become are starting to appear. He listens and retains better than any of my children yet you wouldn’t think he’s paying a lick of attention… but he is. He says the funniest things using vocabulary Dan and I use and sometimes we are proud and sometimes we are reminded that we have little ones we are constantly making impressions on even when we aren’t aware of it. 

Ezra is 5! He looks like he’s 7 because he’s HUGE and growing like a weed. He can eat 3-4 hotdogs at a time and is always going back for seconds. He still says “I wuv you mama” which reminds me that he’s still little. He is so much like Zoe but introverted, he loves to learn and follows instructions beautifully. He likes to draw, transformers, watch movies, and play with Abel. He is discovering his strength and it’s hard not to laugh when the gentle giant has had enough and overpowers his siblings with ease.

As much as they exhaust me and make me wonder if I’ll ever own anything glass or nice again, they amaze me and keep me humble and pressing into raising men who are defined by Christ and His attributes!

Jack and Ezra Birthday Post-001

Jack and Ezra Birthday Post-002

Jack and Ezra Birthday Post-009Jack and Ezra Birthday Post-008Jack and Ezra Birthday Post-007Jack and Ezra Birthday Post-006Jack and Ezra Birthday Post-005Jack and Ezra Birthday Post-004Jack and Ezra Birthday Post-003
Jack and Ezra Birthday Post-010

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Update on our sweet Isla Rose:

Heart: We JUST got the word that they are NOT going to do a heart cath on her!! The cardiologist team have done multiple heart echoes and it keeps looking better and her heart is performing great! She still has the holes that will need surgery to be fixed here in TX probably when she’s a few month older. But GET THIS….. the Dr.’s are actually reconsidering her diagnosis of Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome!! Meaning they think she might NOT even have HLHS!! Her heart is forming an apex and growing! This mama believes with all my heart that THIS is a result of your prayers on her behalf!!

Brain: She had a Brain scan and she has a partial Corpus Callosum… which they had thought she didn’t have one at all (that’s the part that connects the two sides of the brain)

Tummy: They are waiting for her stomach to finish draining and once that happens as well as proof that her intestines work (Pray for Poop!) Then they will start her on Pedialyte and then on to formula! They are telling us that it will take another 2 weeks for her to be ready to start learning how to eat by mouth…. it might. But she might be ready sooner!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

-Pray for Isla’s recovery and healing. Pray that Isla can come to Texas soon! But that while we are here pray that we would be a light for Christ to the nurses and doctors at Sunrise medical center in Children’s Hospital.

-Pray for provision. This extended stay in Vegas isn’t a surprise to God. If you’d like to help in this area… let me know!!

* * Ya’ll…yes, you who are in neck deep to what you know God’s asking you to do. When you’re stepping out on faith, the enemy doesn’t like it. SO washer and dryers will break, Cars will die, Kids will get sick, You will feel like an inconvenience to others, Your family will think you’re crazy… yes, even the good Christian people in your life will wonder if you have lost your mind or at the very least are being wise. BUT HE’s GOT THIS!!! Don’t sweat a car part when He’s led you THIS far and His faithfulness has proven unwavering at each and every turn. Just trust and obey!! (okay, I’ll stop preaching now) 

-Pray for us as we are a family split up between NV & TX. The kids and I are doing great but we miss Daddy and can’t bear to think about not seeing him for another two weeks! Dan feels the same… but he’s advocating and loving on our little girl and knocking out school and work while he’s there! (isn’t God good that as scary as starting a new ministry is that Dan would be able to be there during this time and work from wherever he is!)

* * Even though we may have many prayer requests we are overjoyed at this new blessing in our life and we welcome the difficulty that comes with celebrating her life and choosing to say yes to her! There has not been one moment where we regret or look back and wonder if we heard wrong or made the wrong choice. She is ours and we know God has great purposes for her in our family and in our church and in our city!  Thank you for loving her so much already!!

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You people are Best of Basket crazy! You guys LOVE these things. Thank you for all of your feedback and for your donations and most of all for your friendships and support as we bring sweet Isla home.

Click HERE for updates on how she’s doing. 










Do I have fears? You bet I do. And right towards the end of any adoption they multiply like crazy! But I remember having them right before each and every adoption. Each day the Lord says quietly to my heart “Do you trust me? I’m big enough for you and for her every need. Have I let you down in the past? Could I shut this down if it wasn’t in my plan? Do you believe me when I say my strength is made perfect  by your weakness? Why do you fight weakness so hard my child? My strength is good… rest in it, trust in it, take joy in it.”

I thought I wasn’t going to do the third basket I had planned because I honestly didn’t know if I was going to have the time to do it. But we found out we have some additional agency costs and traveling/food costs!  Every step of the way God has gone before us and He will orchestrate this trip however long it is… and it might be a long time (14-40 days… who knows? Isla determines all that! So we will wait for her and give her all the time she needs to heal!) since she had surgery right away. When we’ve seen God work the way He did in all of our adoptions before this one, How can I doubt His faithfulness?

SO…. my third and final Best of Basket it is. I’m SO excited about this one, I mean… what’s not to love??

Best of Baking Basket BLOG-020

I think this is PERFECT TIMING for this collection of goodies!! I estimate that it will land on your front porch the second week in November, just in time for the holiday cooking to begin! I LOVE the holiday season! I love the family recipes, I love the gatherings, I love the celebrating of traditions or the making of new traditions,  I love it all! And what makes the holiday season even more magical…. A new BABY!! So I’m really excited for this year’s grateful/advent season to begin!

Here’s the info:

All you have to do to is enter your name into a drawing for this basket when you make a donation of $5 towards the Chappell Family. For every $5 we will put your name on the list…. so,  $10 we will put your name on twice… $25 five times… and so forth.  ON Nov 5th I will do a videotaped recording of the random choosing of one of the entries and will announce it on the blog and contact you through email or facebook.  I will then pack up all the goodies and send it your way to enjoy!!!

You can also get extra entries by sharing on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter after you’ve donated. Just comment on this post and let me know where you shared so I can count them!! (otherwise I won’t know you shared!!)

It’s easy as pie… oh my speaking of pie… Everyone who donates gets the recipe to a coconut chess pie that is to DIE FOR!

*”Basket” is not included in collection  *If you’d like to be entered without donating send me an email to caseylynn_78@Yahoo.com  *Donations are not tax deductible… IF You’d rather give a tax deductible gift directly to a non-profit that will go directly towards agency fees then GO HERE!!

Let’s kick off this fabulous collection with the BEST and most essential thing a baker could ask for and that’s a KITCHEN AID MIXER. We got one as a wedding gift and it has been used countless times and keeps on keeping on. So you get one! Includes a flat beater attachment, coated dough hook, wire whip! And….. YOU GET TO PICK THE COLOR you want!!  I have loved my matte finish black because it goes with everything and looks super sleek!

Best of Baking Basket BLOG-002

Also something I got for a wedding gift was Williams-sonoma’s Melamine mixing bowl set. These are lightweight, dishwasher safe, LAST forever and they don’t stain…and are pretty much kid proof, pretty much! You want these for the baking season ahead I promise!  I’ve never been without Williams-Sonoma’s Spatulas and Spoonulas either. I’ve had to replace a few of these but I always go right back and get more… because they are the Best!

Best of Baking Basket BLOG-003

Next up is an appliance that I didn’t have until last year… and I honestly don’t know how I lived without it this long. I use it for EVERYTHING. It was super helpful in making Abel’s homemade formula, it scrambles the best eggs, and makes homemade salad dressings a breeze to create. You can use it for so many things.  This emulsion blender is the bomb!!

Best of Baking Basket BLOG-004

Best of Baking Basket BLOG-005

And while it kinda falls more into the cooking category more than baking… although you can certainly bake it in. I can’t live without my cast iron skillet! In the past few years I’ve actually replaced all my non-stick cookware with either stainless steel or cast iron. And it’s so nice knowing that I’m caring for my families health by using pans that I know aren’t covered with anything that might could harm them. So… you’re getting a cast iron skillet!!  (and some steel scrubbers which I’ve found to be perfect for cleaning stainless steel pans and cast iron!)

I adore this Eat sign that you might think I found at a flea market… nope, world market for the win! Having kids boys in the house I have almost given up hanging things on the wall thats breakable. These metal signs… they are little boy proof! and it’s a great and simple way to add decor. So I’m including it for your kitchen. (I know ya’ll are NOT looking at the sign but are thinking about how in the world are you going to convince your husbands that you HAVE to have this backsplash for your kitchen… I know you are! I wish I could claim it as mine… but it’s my friend Waverlee’s awesome kitchen!)

Best of Baking Basket BLOG-006

I know it’s easy to hop online to find a recipe… but I personally believe that the BEST recipes are the ones that are found in books… church cookbooks…recipe boxes… Those are tried and true and usually are wonderful!  So I picked my two favorite recipe books that to me are much more than just collection of recipes… they are family treasures.  Sprouted Kitchen has been a food blog I’ve read for years! The photos inspire me and her stories add meaning to each recipe. THIS SOUP is my recipe of hers.  Kinfolk Table represents the best of what Kinfolk Magazine has to offer as they celebrate small gatherings.  The stories in this book transport you to far away lands… nooks of big cities… and in backyards all over.  These cookbooks are ones you truly want to curl up on the couch with and read through.

Best of Baking Basket BLOG-016

Best of Baking Basket BLOG-007

And when you are curled up on the couch with these fabulous collection of recipes… then if you’re anything like me you’ll want a mug of coffee (Thanks to my friend Heather, I’ve fallen in love with this new creamer flavor, Spiced Latte!)  I hate stirring my coffee with a big ol’ spoon or a butter knife, so having lil’ coffee stirring spoons are something that’s so nice to have around! I’m including a set of 4 from World Market with this basket. you’ll loooovvveeee them!!! (and they make great stocking stuffers… so go grab some for friends and family)

Best of Baking Basket BLOG-008

These little knives get used ALL the time. They are bright and easy to find (in my one kitchen drawer!!) and with them being different colors it’s easy to keep them separated if I’m cutting meat and other stuff or I”m needing to not cross-contaminate food groups. I love these knives!!!

Best of Baking Basket BLOG-009

These Cloth Napkins might just be my favorite thing in this whole basket!! I LOVE them! I grew up with cloth napkins. My mom was smart and knew that a family of 11 would go through far too many paper towels and paper napkins… so she made cloth napkins and we used them over and over. You’re getting this fabulous set of 8 black and white striped cloth napkins. I adore black and white striped anything… so I know these will add a classic pop to any tablescape!

Also… Meet my Best friend during the holiday season. Hello Mulling Spices!! I get a bottle EVERY YEAR this time of year from Williams-Sonoma. I actually don’t use it to make mulling cider. Every day I sprinkle some in a pot with water and sometimes some vanilla or orange peels and let it simmer away smelling up the house in the most delightful way!

Best of Baking Basket BLOG-010

Best of Baking Basket BLOG-011

My Mother-in-law gives me the BEST christmas presents! This past year she gave me these adorable measuring cups! I almost didn’t want to use them they were so cute. But I used them… and these have withstood tons of use, hundreds of rounds in the dishwasher, Abel using them as toys, and even have been sneaked outside to help fill a moat in a castle a time or two.  And they look JUST as new as when I got them. So These are built to last. The Measuring spoons are a bit more classic and clean cut but I find I like a more easy to clean spoon for measuring.

Best of Baking Basket BLOG-012

I have a little love obsession with cute dish towels. Maybe it’s that it brightens up and adds instant decor to the kitchen. They make me happy!!  I love the ones at World Market! So you’re getting THIS one and THIS one!

Best of Baking Basket BLOG-013

If you’ve never grated real nutmeg vs. buying store bought… then you’re missing out. So I’m giving you a bottle of nutmegs and a grater! I promise you’ll thank me for it.

Best of Baking Basket BLOG-014

These last few things are the things that while they are little… they add just the right touch!  First,  these mason jar salt and pepper shakers… And I filled them with pepper and Himalayan pink salt which is so good for you and provides so many important minerals our bodies need.   Adams Vanilla. You might just be a Texan when any other vanilla just won’t do. I put this stuff in everything. It’s the secret ingredient to my Rice Krispie treats… and I often will put some in a pan of water with some orange peels or cinnamon sticks and let it simmer to smell up the house!  Parchment paper… from bacon to cookies, it’s essential and life changing!

Best of Baking Basket BLOG-018

This little guy may be the tiniest thing in my kitchen drawer but when I’m baking… I’m so thankful I have it. Gone are the days of big ol’ knife marks in the top of cakes or brownies!  And it’s super cute and doesn’t take up much space in your silverware drawer but is always right there when you need it.

Best of Baking Basket BLOG-015

One of my friends… who married a guy I grew up with in Alaska,  Just launched a sign business on etsy  and I LOVE her signs. I want the Grace and Gratitude one SO BAD! So… I asked her if I could gift the winner with a $25 gift card to her shop and she was so excited to do so! So… You’ll have an awesome sign to hang for all your thanksgiving (and year round) reminders that we are so so blessed!

page metals BLOG

And for all you Fort Worth locals…. We have a Stir Crazy Baked Goods gift card to give away!!   I’ll pick a FW family who enters who I think would benefit from a morning spent at this fine bakery (which is just 3 blocks from my house!!) *to make this easy on me… you have to have a FW address.

Screen Shot 2015-10-09 at 12.25.23 AM

And the winner of this basket will get to pick one incredible adoptive/foster mom to receive this gift:  It’s from Anthropologie and it’s the cutest recipe box (and I’ve included a few of my very favorite tried and true recipes already).  And also they will get one of my favorite tea towels (see I told you I had a thing for dish towels.) It’s from Mary and Martha and not only can you use it in the kitchen you can also stretch it over a canvas and hang on the wall! I think it’s awesome either way!  To me cooking/baking is a part of so many memories of home… in some ways it makes a house a home! They are the memories kids will take with them forever and so with fostering and adopting I think meals and time spent preparing food and serving our families can be maybe some of the most important work we do.  Some of the kids who are in foster care maybe have never even celebrated a birthday the way they are meant to be celebrated… I can’t think of anything better to give a foster/adoptive mama than the tools to help celebrate her little ones!

best of baking basket adoptive mom giveaway 1

Best of Baking Basket BLOG-019

So, There it is My ALL TIME FAVORITE Collection of Baking Goodies!!! If you love baking and making holiday tables one to remember for your family then please give of what you’ve been given and know that you gift will go directly towards the adoption of Isla Olivia Rose…. and know we are SO grateful for you!

Here’s the info:

All you have to do to is enter your name into a drawing for this basket when you make a donation of $5 towards the Chappell Family. For every $5 we will put your name on the list…. so,  $10 we will put your name on twice… $25 five times… and so forth.  On Nov 5th I will do a videotaped recording of the random choosing of one of the entries and will announce it on the blog and contact you through email or facebook.  I will then pack up all the goodies and send it your way to enjoy!!!

You can also get extra entries by sharing on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter after you’ve donated. Just comment on this post and let me know where you shared so I can count them!! (otherwise I won’t know you shared!!)

IF You’d rather give a tax deductible gift directly to a non-profit that will go directly towards agency fees then GO HERE!!

It’s easy as pie… oh my speaking of pie… Everyone who donates gets the recipe to a coconut chess pie that is to DIE FOR!

Best of Baking Basket BLOG-001
P.s. I wrote this whole blog post while listening to the New Cinderella’s soundtrack on Spotify… It’s a instrumental dream!  
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We are now T-Minus 3 weeks!!  As of yesterday She’s FULL TERM!


I’m doing everything I can to settle down and WAIT WELL.  For a few days we thought she was coming early due to her heart rhythm “not having much variance”… but then after an overnight stay her heart beat got “happy” again and she’s doing great and growing leaps and bounds just inches from her birth mom’s heart and 1200 miles from mine.

Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 3.11.27 PM

I wanted to update you on her health and what we are anticipating once she’s born and when we get there.

First…. her heart looks fine and so other than praising God for that we are praying that she handles labor and delivery in general well. Her birthmom is wanting to have a VBAC and I would love that for her, having had a C-section myself and knowing that healing can take longer.

Secondly, she has what’s called Agenesis of the corpus callosum (ACC). This is a rare birth defect (congenital disorder) in which there is a complete or partial absence of the corpus callosum. It occurs when the corpus callosum, the band of white matter connecting the two hemispheres in the brain, fails to develop normally, typically during pregnancy. This is more of a wait and see type of thing. Many people with ACC are asymptomatic and are walking around probably not even aware they are missing that part of their brain. But others might have delays, such as those common already with down syndrome…delayed speech, development issues, and working to “re-wire” the brain to communicate without that band of connection.  And the most severe would be to watch for seizures… which could present at birth but also hold off until she’s a little older. And I’m guessing then she would go on anti-seizure medicine.

Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 3.23.36 PM

And Lastly, she has what looks to be a Duodenal Atresia. This will be the thing that probably is most crucial to address and will probably keep her in the NICU for a few weeks. The duodenum is the first portion of small intestine after the stomach. When part of the bowel fails to develop normally in the fetus, a blockage of the duodenum can occur, otherwise known as an atresia or bowel obstruction. About 1/3 of infants born with duodenal atresia will also have Down Syndrome. Newborns with duodenal atresia will need an operation in order to fix the intestinal atresia. The goal of this surgery is to remove the bowel obstruction and allow the digestive tract to be functional. She will have to be fed via IV until her digestive system can handle feedings… which could take a few days to a few weeks.

Untitled design

That’s when we will be praying for her muscle tone to be such that she will eat like a champ! Abel was a slow learner and didn’t start eating well until about a week after he was born. But apart from some texture issues.. he’s a great eater now!

But most importantly… God can heal any of those things before she’s born or give her great recovery afterwards… or He can be made much of by the longer stay in the hospital! We will just cry out to Him for healing and trust Him to write a story that will be better than we ever hoped no matter the twists and turns along the way.

Will you join me in praying for Isla? I want to pray believing that He can heal and work wonders in her life!

Also… the thought of leaving my kiddos for maybe a month or more makes me want to cry and throw up and throw a fit. But I have to trust that God is at work even in their lives for their good in this. I have incredible brothers and sisters and my in-laws hang the moon and I love my church family! So I know that they will be in wonderful hands when we are gone. And with Southwest Airlines having great airfares… I bet if it gets to be too much I could fly home and see them and turn around and go back.  It has been a difficult time of not having my parents in my life this past year due to their fears concerning our life choices with family and ministry. Having a new baby coming has only made that grief weigh all the more heavy on my heart. Something about expecting a baby makes you want your mom more. But I know that God is again, at work in the hard difficult places to bring about a greater joy than had there not been sorrow in the first place. He can restore the years that the enemy is seeking to devour. I’m resting in that. And if you are struggling with loved ones and broken hearts… I hope you will rest in that too. THIS Spotify Channel has been on repeat every day around here! Listen… and know that Grace WINS every time!


Now… Here is our financial situation.  Ya’ll… last year I never would have imagined that we would be starting a ministry from scratch AND adopting a special needs baby in another state at the SAME TIME! But God’s timing is rarely our own… so I’m going to trust He’s got this!

We are using Catholic Charities of Nevada as our custody agency during our finalization period and we will finalize the adoption in Nevada. (this wasn’t going to be the case until this week when our lawyers advised us to take this route due to ICPC concerns)  This means one extra agency fee. Thankfully domestic special needs adoptions aren’t super expensive but they do require people who are trained and licensed to make an adoption happen.

We have two pressing financial needs right now:

1.  Is the remaining agency custody fees, legal finalization fees,  flights to and from Las Vegas, extended stay in Nevada, car rental, and accompanying travel expenses. (we are also looking into options such as ronald mcdonald house which is about 30 minutes away or churches nearby having people who would lend cars and such)

2. A vehicle that will hold all of us Chappells. We’ve been a one car family for all of our marriage and it works for us… but we kinda need to fit all of us in it. The kids asked the other day when we were driving somewhere “where will isla sit when she gets home?” And we looked at each other and said in full belief “that’s for God to provide!”  Ya’ll HE will.  And maybe that’s through YOU!  We can get about $2000 for this van which has served us so well… but we would LOVE to give it to a family/ministry who needs a vehicle!


We are humbled by your support and ask you to pray and give towards this final step in bringing our baby girl home. This feels like crazy timing… but we have felt that before and trust that God is the author of this little life and in looking back we can see His hands faithfully working for His Glory in 1,000 different ways.

Here is our GoFundMe page!  Give if you can and Share if you will.

We are SO grateful for you!!! You are our People!!!

God is looking for people through whom He

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she’s 37 weeks pregnant.
I feel 37 weeks pregnant.
she’s weary and tired.
I’m weary and tired.
she’s nervous. 
I’m nervous.
she’s ALL IN.
she’s got her heart on the line.
I’ve got my heart on the line.
she loves this baby so much her heart hurts.
I love this baby so much my heart hurts.
she’s not sure how she’s going to manage the months ahead.
I’m not sure how I’m going to manage the months ahead.
what if Isla’s health is so bad that they won’t want to adopt her, she fears.
what if Isla’s health is a misdiagnosis and they will want to keep her, I fear.
how will this effect my other daughter? she wonders.
how will this effect my other children? I wonder.
In ten years from now will there be overwhelming regrets?
In ten years from now will there be overwhelming sacrifice?
Placing her for adoption. This is what loving her best looks like for her.
Choosing to adopt her. This is what loving her best looks like for us.
Trusting Jesus will carry her through today and many tomorrows to come.
Trusting Jesus will carry us through today and many tomorrows to come.
She’s at peace.
I’m at peace. 

Today Isla Olivia Rose, You are loved by two mommies and all their friends and families who are so grateful Jesus created you. And today we trust Jesus will write the story that will bring Him the most glory to His name.

best of belonging basket BLOG-001


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  • Nicole RossSeptember 24, 2015 - 1:22 pm

    absolutely love this!ReplyCancel

  • Michaela HarrisNovember 1, 2015 - 4:23 pm

    This is so sweet. As a sister to an adopted brother, I love reading adoption stories. thanks for sharing your heart.ReplyCancel

I could go on and on about the overwhelming gratitude of my heart for you guys… but I’ll just let the video do the talking! Thank you!


We now have Isla’s (pronouced “eye-lah”) agency adoption fees covered! There may be additional fees, but the big fees are PAID! We also are retaining two lawyers… TX & NV, and we have part of their fees covered as well.  This is such an answer to prayer. Two months ago we couldn’t say this…not to mention the fact that we have started a new ministry full time and that has greatly reduced our living income, but we have not lacked for anything! His timing is perfect even when it looks to be crazy!

We will probably have some expenses for traveling/lodging depending on how long we will need to be in Las Vegas. That will depend on the length of Isla’s stay in the NICU and then the 5-10 day ICPC process once she’s out of the hospital.  I sometimes get anxious about being gone from my babies… but we were planning on a 6 week stay in the congo with Evie and Ezra and it ended up being only 3 incredible weeks. And our kids were fine here at home and getting a new baby sister will be worth every moment of it!!

I was planning on doing a third best of basket but as much as I enjoy doing them, these things take a lot of time and effort and I can feel myself needing to go into a time of nesting and preparing as well as time spent with my little ones as we prepare to be gone and to bring another one into the nest. So I’m going to end with this one….and trust God to provide all our needs according to His riches in Glory!!

But this has been so much fun and THANK YOU just doesn’t cover how much I’m grateful for each one of you!

best of belonging basket BLOG-017

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  • Shannon WalkerSeptember 24, 2015 - 11:43 pm

    EEK!! I am so excited. I never win anything. But more than that, I’m SO beyond thrilled that ya’ll raised so much support to bring home sweet Isla! Praise Jesus!ReplyCancel

I remember when growing up that my mom always loved Sees candy. We’d get it sometimes in airports and Dan always brings some home when he goes to L.A.  I think because it’s been around for such a long time Sees Candy has become a tradition in many families. And if you know me… I love traditions. So this year Sees Candy asked me if we wanted to help celebrate the birthday of their beloved Mary See whose recipes they still use today and has made their candies quality and taste last throughout the years.  So we had a little birthday party today and what a fun thing to randomly celebrate…. I think we might just make it a yearly thing. I mean, when it’s a reason to have chocolate, why not!


Sees Birthday BLOG-001Sees Birthday BLOG-002Sees Birthday BLOG-003Sees Birthday BLOG-004Sees Birthday BLOG-005Sees Birthday BLOG-006Sees Birthday BLOG-007Sees Birthday BLOG-008Sees Birthday BLOG-009Sees Birthday BLOG-010Sees Birthday BLOG-011Sees Birthday BLOG-012

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Ya’ll ready for Best of Basket #2!!!   Here it is! For this one I wanted to celebrate my favorite aspects of Home and Belonging in this basket.  So if you love photography, documenting, reading, journaling, and prints both inspirational and documentary then you’ll love this collection of goodies! It’s valued at over $600…. but it’s more than things, it’s about what they celebrate!

As promised here is a glimpse of what your gifts towards Basket #1 accomplished!

Twila’s Homescoming!

And here’s the latest photo we received of baby girl…. Isn’t she so cute and chubby!!!  This is from her latest ultrasound a few weeks ago. She’s doing great in that she is alive and growing! She does have some areas of concern. The main things they found were that the corpus callosum towards the back of her brain is not developing as normal.  They also found an issue with her stomach and duodenum having under developed parts. Both of these things aren’t unheard of when having a down syndrome diagnosis. They are serious but probably not life threatening. So My prayer is that God will heal her brain and stomach completely!!! Will you join me in praying that prayer? He can do that. But I also know that often God uses things like this and time spent in the hospital as opportunities to get to know people and show them Christ’s love and sufficiency in times of suffering.



her name will be….

best of belonging basket BLOG-001


Yes, Isla Olivia Rose Chappell.  Isla (pronounced eye-lah) in honor of her being a quarter Filipino (over 7,000 islands make up the Philippines), Olivia because that’s the name her birthmom has given her and we always try to honor our childrens birth parents in special ways, Rose because I think she will be a sweet fragrance of love to all who know her.

Every penny given towards this basket will go towards her adoption!  We will have two lawyers (one in Texas and one in Nevada) and the agency has a pre-placement and post-placement fee as well. All together with travel and stay there we are looking at hopefully staying under 10K for the whole adoption. That’s about how much Abel’s adoption cost. We know the money will be there… God has ALWAYS provided through the people He’s wanted to use mightily in our lives! I do love it when in the process we can do something creative and something that blesses others and celebrates life. Thus the idea of the Best of Basket was born.

Want to be a part of bringing her home to us? All you have to do to is enter your name into a drawing for this basket when you make a donation of $5 towards the Chappell Family. For every $5 we will put your name on the list…. so,  $10 we will put your name on twice… $25 five times… and so forth.  ON the 24th I will do a videotaped recording of the random choosing of one of the entries and will announce it on the blog and contact you through email or facebook.  I will then pack up all the goodies and send it your way to enjoy!!!

You can also get extra entries by sharing on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter after you’ve donated. Just comment on this post and let me know where you shared so I can count them!! (otherwise I won’t know you shared!!)

Without further adieu….. Welcome Home!


best of belonging basket BLOG-003

All of this stuff is awesome, but I have to start with my VERY Favorite thing in this basket. It’s the Two Sues Kelly Moore Bag in Walnut. Ya’ll, it’s THE BEST CAMERA BAG IN THE WORLD!! It’s firm but slouchy, it’s designed for gear but holds anything! I know, because I’ve tried ALL the main brands in a search for the best one. I’m super hard on my gear and I take my camera everywhere. I’ve had so many bags fall apart on me… but not this one! You NEED this camera bag! Honestly, it’s held up better than any diaper bag I’ve had as well. A new one in honor of Isla will probably be on my Christmas list this year.  For a great complete review of this exact bag check out THIS Blog post. It’s pricey at $200… but it’s so worth it and then some.

best of belonging basket BLOG-004

best of belonging basket BLOG-005

And While I wish I could include a fabulous DSLR camera in here… I can’t, BUT… I can include my next favorite camera. It’s an Instax Mini 90.  And this one is super classy! It can fit in your purse/camera bag with your other camera or be on display on a shelf at home ready for a quick fun pic of when company comes over. My friend Lara Casey has a tradition of taking photos when company comes over and puts the images on the fridge with wash tape. What a great way to celebrate others and to celebrate home and family! I’m including film for 40 photos as well!

best of belonging basket BLOG-006

The Kids LOVED smiling and then instantly being able to shake their photo and watch it appear and then be so proud of themselves when they see their photos hanging on the wall this way.

best of belonging basket BLOG-007

I think it was a few years ago that I took the INSPIRED HOME photography course by Kristin Rogers and it was wonderful. I think someone starting out in shooting and those wanting to shoot more at home in a way that captures the everyday moments will definitely benefit from this self paced course! It was very creative and encouraging and I think you will benefit from it. So I’m including it so you can have an INSPIRED HOME! Warning: Her photos WILL make you want to pack up and move to California!

moon design studio co. presents

best of belonging basket BLOG-008

With 5 kids…. I don’t have time to read. BUT for these books I MADE the time to read them. My heart needed them. My life needed them.

With the Nesting Place I finally embraced being a renter and stopped saying “I’ll do this to my home when we buy someday”. It was full of practical yet profound advice on making home feel and be home.

For the Love made me laugh so hard. It’s like sitting and having a conversation with Jen Hatmaker. You need this one… for so many reason! She challenges and she does it in a way that makes you say inwardly “Yes!!”

Speaking of Yes… The Best Yes was super impactful. I devoured this book. It really met me where I am in this season of life… but really I think would do that no matter the season. It gave me freedom and boundaries and the wisdom to choose what’s best in our life and for our family.

Bread and Wine is a book that’s centered around The Lord Supper and has so much to do with hospitality and being around the table. It has stories, recipes and so much more.

best of belonging basket BLOG-009

I think I am drawn to books with Pretty Handwritten titles… ya think.

speaking of pretty handwriting…..  Aren’t these prints beautiful! My friend Holly Everett who is a brilliant hand letterer made these for you. They are printed on thick sturdy paper and are letterpressed into it. Please check out her work… She is also in the process of adoption and the proceeds from her artwork goes towards bringing baby Everette home! I love her Instagram feed!!   She’s one of those online friends turned real life friends for me. I treasure her so.

best of belonging basket BLOG-010

I couldn’t do a collection about celebrating the little moments at home without including some Project life! It’s my favorite way of preserving images once they are printed. PRINT YOUR PHOTOS FRIENDS!! (I usually print them at Costco… but also love Persnickity Prints Lab as well. I print them and they go in simple but cute as a button photo boxes that are super inexpensive, don’t let what you do with them afterwards keep you from printing them!)

Project life is basically putting photos in pockets. It’s easy peasy and super cute as well! I’m including a gorgeous gold 12×12 album and a Project life core kit that is ADORABLE!! Friends, that and your photos is all you need to create an awesome photo album…. and it can be put together in a matter of hours. (with none, NADA of those sticky little tabs or scraps of paper or glue sticks!)

best of belonging basket BLOG-011

This is the adventure edition core kit. It’s all you need for journaling and making those pages beautiful! This one is probably the sweetest and favorite core kit I’ve seen yet.

best of belonging basket BLOG-012

It’s sticking photos in pockets…. ya’ll.  simple & sweet.

best of belonging basket BLOG-014

One of the things that is needed for great journaling, lettering, writing… is pens. And Le’Pen pens are the best! They are similar to Sharpie pens but thinner and definitely smoother to write with. They come in countless colors and are so nice and sleek and take up barely any space in your journaling, scrapbooking place or your purse.

best of belonging basket BLOG-015

I kind of have an obsession with washi tape. I use it for everything and it never ceases to make me happy when I do. It hangs prints, calendars, photos…. seals letters, gifts, it’s great for adding a pop of color or print wherever you need one.  Not all washi tapes are equal. I hate getting a roll only to find that it rips and tears and doesn’t hold worth anything. But Love My Tape Washi Tapes are GREAT! So you’re getting 9 awesome rolls of happy!

best of belonging basket BLOG-016


Having 5 kids requires lots of organization so calendars are part of my love language! And for years my favorite calendars have come from The Paper Source. I swoon over all their stuff…. but especially their wall calendars! My favorite one is THIS 17 month 2015-2016 chalk art one. So… it’s included!

best of belonging basket BLOG-013


And just like last time… I want to include a giveaway for a friend of whose name is drawn. She has to be an adoptive/foster mom…. and I think she will be over the moon excited about this. It’s a gift certificate for a softcover album from Artifact Uprising. I LOVE this album company. LOVE it! The prints are super rich and beautiful. And it’s affordable.

There you have it…. The Best of Belonging Collection!! Over $600 worth!!!!  I love it… I think you will too.  It’s all about celebrating the things God has given you in your life to treasure. Things money can’t buy. Those are the best things… things worth celebrating!

best of belonging basket BLOG-003

best of belonging basket BLOG-017

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    love you and praying for your sweet new girl…………………

    I will give angey the $ to send with her donationReplyCancel

  • amanda eickSeptember 3, 2015 - 5:39 pm

    I am donating $ for Angey(5 for Cullen and 5 for Lincoln) cause I think she should have this one…

    love you and praying for your sweet new girl…………………

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    I just came across your blog for the first time via Kelly Moore Bag’s Facebook page (LOVE her and them), and I absolutely love what I have came across so far. I am praying for you, your husband, and your beautiful children!! May God Bless you and yours!! :) <3ReplyCancel

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I wanted to post about this article because I wanted to stand up and jump up and down and say YES!!! THIS!!!! as I was reading the whole thing…. Here are a few excerpts of my favorite parts… but really it all was my favorite so go read it HERE. 

The end of mass abortion to the Christian can only mean the commitment to either serious mother-mentorship or mass adoption.

And this isn’t going to be volunteering at the pregnancy crisis center every, you know, 6 months. This is going to be 31,000 new babies in my state alone that either need a new home or a mother who has been mentored and supported to keep her baby post-birth. This will require changing the life of everyChristian family in every church. This will mean a lot more mouths to feed and mothers to mentor, and a lot less time for excuses on how busy we are.

This personally challenges me when I look around at my life, at my house even. We have an extra bedroom. It was originally intended for guests to have their own separate room and bathroom. But guess what? If the end of abortion ever comes, then I’d better be ready to have that room permanently filled with a mom in crisis or an adopted child. Sorry guests, you may have to—gasp!—travel a few extra feet to the bathroom next time or maybe even—how insane!—stay in a hotel for the weekend.

See, this abortion thing is more than just opening up a sign at a protest. It’s opening up your home, your whole life.

Are we willing to do that?

The goal of a pro-lifer is to give a chance to an unborn baby to be welcomed in the world. The goal of a Christian is for an unborn baby is to be welcomed in a home. The mission of a pro-lifer is to lobby until the system changes for unborn babies. The mission of a Christian is to, sure, try to do the same, but furthermore, astound the society by using its own resources to take in those children regardless if the system changes or not.

The cry of a pro-lifer is “don’t kill them.”

The cry of a Christian is “we want them.”

Thank you Ashley for penning these challenging and beautiful words! May many hearts be impacted by them.

stand for life

IF you want to have this filter put on one of your photos… Go to www.standforlifemovement.com

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  • Ashley GormanAugust 29, 2015 - 7:16 am

    I’m SO overwhelmingly honored that you’d choose to feature this as your favorite post of the year! What a privilege! Thanks so much for reading the post, and much love and support to you and yours.

    -Ashley M. Gorman
    If you want to connect: (Twitter + Instagram: @ashmarvgorma)ReplyCancel

Dear 17 year old, Mentor elementary age kids and become best friends with middle schoolers. They will become fellow moms and dads and the age difference won’t matter a bit. In fact you might be learning a lot from them in 20 years.

Dear 21 Year old, Spend your summers in far away lands. Sign up for every mission trip you can. Do Radical things and see things that make you be in Awe of the Creator on a regular basis. Oh… and print real photos of your travels. Your kids will want you to tell them all about your adventures.

Dear 27 year old,
Be way more concerned and passionate about putting your investment of time, energy and money into other people vs. a bank account. You might be shocked to see that when you’re making even less in 10 years as a mom or dad with a job thats family friendly vs. the working all the time person you were back then… you’ll be richer somehow and wish you had slowed down and spent more time and less money back then. p.s. when you are making money, buy furniture that will LAST!

Love, A well traveled wealthy 37 year old!

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Drumrolll please…….

Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 9.34.49 AM


Now…. Wasn’t that fun? Well… okay, not near as fun if I could have sent everyone awesome beauty supply. It’s SO hard to announce only one name. But I’m so humbled that you guys gave not only because you love makeup but because you see the beauty in Adoption!!!  I love you!!!

Want a little sneak peak into next month’s basket? It’s going to be called the Best of Belonging Basket!! <3 Hope to have it up on the blog by the end of the month.

kelly moore bag and abel

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