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Jeremiah + Anna 12.18.09

Well, He did it. He's a husband now.  It was a beautiful wedding and we had so much fun shooting it and being a part of that day. Anna was an amazing calm bride and she had a great group of gals as her bridesmaids. Jere was a stellar handsome groom and he had a […]


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A much needed visit from Ang

I didn't realize how much I needed her there until I dropped her back off at the airport and I had had a big lump in my throat all that morning and I felt a part of me leaving when I drove off. I thought about holding her captive longer… but I thought that probably […]


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Zoe’s first birthday: the party!

I think I went crazy with pink! I can't help it, why are pink things so much fun to buy and shop for? (and for those of you who don't know me too well, you have to know this, I'm a color theme fanatic. I mean, I love gift bags to match the gift, I […]


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evolving love

I need to blog. Well, what I really need to do is go to bed. But for some reason I"m not sleepy. So I try to use these times to blog. So, if I complain on facebook that I'm tired… tell me I asked for it and should have gone to bed about now.  I've […]


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she’s got legs and she knows how to use them

That's right, she's off and walking! She loves it. She follows me around all day and it's really so cute.  She loves to haul toys around that are really too big for her to carry but she likes to drag them around anyways. :o)  And she learned to sign "more" in sign language. That might […]


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make new friends… keep the old.

While I don't think I'm doing the former as much as I should since we moved here. I have reconnected with several old friends.   Tiffany is one of those friends. We figured it out that we met when we were both 14 at a conference in Indianapolis. Became pen pals (I'm so going to […]


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Happy Thanksgiving 2009

Yesterday we made the trip to Austin for the Keathley Family gathering. It was as always so good to see cousins and family that we don't get to see often enough. But it was hard too, because this was the first thanksgiving without my grandfather. And my aunt is having a really tough battle with […]


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Central Market

This is Dan and my favorite date place as of late.  Of course it's more like a family date place because we just load up the kids and head there and walk around and graze off all their samples and breathe in all the fresh produce. It's the coolest place and we love getting into […]


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soul sigh

I've been wanting to share on here some of my mind's thoughts this past week but just haven't had the time or the words to put it in. So when I found myself being able to put it into sentences for a dear friend today I thought that it pretty much summed up the past […]

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snips and snails

I love all his little newborn baby parts. :o)  Jack is such a good baby…… he Sleeps ALL THE TIME! which is great seeing as how he wasn't supposed to be born for another two weeks. He's eating okay but still needs to develop more in that area, we do a lot of coaxing for […]


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Meet Little Man Jack

Jack… it means God is Gracious. And indeed He is and undoubtably will prove so in the months to come as we parent this little one and watch where the Lord places him long term.  This is a special name that we named him. We choose a different name than what's on his birth certificate […]


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Little Man

 I'm coming to get you today!!  You just got out of the hospital yesterday, Grandma Joy came to pick you up and she spent the day and last night with you. Her voice was full of that "newborn giddiness" that just happens when you have a baby around you for any length of time. Yesterday […]

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