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raising royalty

I had every intention of wearing a hat and having friends over and going all out for the watching of the royal wedding yesterday. But Zoe, Jack and myself ended up with colds. So if it weren’t for the amazing servant heart of Kristin we might not would have even had scones. But she made them […]

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A very happy easter!

It was just the first of many holidays that I got to spend time with my sister Brittany, Bradley and my niece Mabel. For those of you who didn’t know, they moved about 20 miles away from us. Which has been so much fun… and I’m really grateful my kids will get to spend time […]

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Oh the places you will go

Some parents buy the beloved Dr. Seuss book “Oh the Places you will Go” for their child when they graduate high school.  My parents didn’t buy the book but they bought me something better…. they bought me a suitcase. I was leaving to go to Cosmetology School that summer so I think at the time […]

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if you could see what I see

you would know you have my heart If you could see, what i see that a treasure’s what you are if you could see, what i see

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family worship night

Last sunday night Dan and I had a great family night of worship and time together. We first got invited to a family worship night at a church nearby… so we took Zoe and Jack and headed out for the evening. The Family night of worship was awesome! The kids were totally free to roam […]

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some might call it insane… but we call it crazy love.

How do I begin this post… I’ve been asking myself that question all week. Because as your anticipation increased… so did mine. I’ve been half way giddy all week about telling everyone about this next adventure that’s well on it’s way. We are adopting. Two babies. From the Congo. There… it’s out. Now, my fear […]

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