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Jack’s Birthday #2

How can this kid be two already? wasn’t it just yesterday that we were driving to dairy queen to pick up this little newborn? I wish I could say that I went all out for his birthday this year, but alas… I didn’t, I couldn’t. I was about to board a plane to africa in […]

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it’s almost time

I’m feeling the labor pains…. I’ve been nesting… I’m starting to turn my focus from the everyday things to the moments that lie just ahead of me.  It’s almost time. In just over 24 Hours Kristin Cook and I will be boarding a plane and heading to the Congo.  We will arrive Friday night and […]

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I’m going to miss…

Him.   and Her. I’m going to miss THEM!!!

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Chappell Epic Day of Fun

It always happens… just as life is about to change you start feeling very comfortable and content in the way life is right now.  You know the feeling, the way you get when you’re about to move across country, or quit a job or have a baby!!! Well, I’ve been soaking up this last few […]

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take me by the hand

I’m SO grateful that my son has such an amazing earthly Father to take him by the hand and raise him to know and love God.  I’m so blessed to have a husband who loves his children and loves the gift of children and is excited about raising them with me in the coming 20 […]

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That’s the sweet quirky nickname that my children created for their new aunt, Valerie. Vallerina. I could not be happier to gain as a new sister this amazing lovely (inside and out) gal!!! And what was so special was the front row seat that I had while she and Josh fell in love and then […]

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